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Teams of freelancer architects and technicians work with the latest computer-aided design equipment in a range of building types in private sectors for new building and refurbishment projects. But our goal is small projects around the world. We are all designers who believe financial resources in the implementation of projects is very important and we have tried to cut costs and improve quality. Our services are divided into 4 general categories:

Interior Design: A building can have a traditional appearance and a modern interior design. In our interior design, we try to create all the functional and aesthetic requirements with a modern design. The offer of new materials, lighting, painting and volumizing in the interior design of a building will make the interior space more impressive.

Exterior Design: The volume of the building and its facade are very impressive. Repetitive and monotonous facades are an issue in cities. We try to change it by giving different services and creating a new shell will be based on the culture of the area. We have different design examples in the volume and facade of the building (small and large buildings).

Landscape Design: Landscape design is a fascinating subject for us. The use of plants, Fountain s, rocks, and many other elements make the volume of a building attractive and link it to the urban environment. We do not consider the elements used in the design of the Landscape only in the outer space of the building, but we also use them indoors.  We also have public examples such as parks and private examples like villas.

Renovation: Many of the projects designed in our collection are renovation projects. We try to apply our services on the basis of the lowest cost and the greatest apparent impact on the building. Our experience is mostly in small and old buildings. We are innovating according to the culture and needs of the employer.

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