Mahyar Arab Bourbour 

Founder , Researcher, Professor

EDUCATION:     Ph.D of Architecture

Skills: Python, Rhino , Grasshopper, Revit , Lumion & V-ray  , Photoshop

Mahyar Architects started its activity under the supervision of Mahyar Arab in the fields of design, research and execution in Iran in 2015. Mahyar is an Experienced graduate architect with more than 17 years’ experience in working on different types of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, and HealthCare projects. Driven to push creative limits with cutting and curving edge design concepts and specialized in various design phases (PD, SD, DD, CD and CA). Highly skilled in a broad range of design and computer program software with strong proficiency in planning and execution.

Our Freelance Team

Mehdi Khani

Graphic Designer (freelancer)

Education: Associate of Architecture - Bonab Islamic Azad University in Iran
Joined Mahyar: 2016
Mahyar Projects: My friend of Misery - Nebulizer - The next menu - Sheeple - High Hopes

Nazanin sharifi

Architect & Interior designer

Education: Master of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Iran
Joined Mahyar:2019
Mahyar Projects: Dogs, Pigs

Milad Ghafoori

Architect & Detailing

Education: Master of Architecture Azad University Of Damghan
Joined Mahyar:2021
Mahyar Projects: Waiting House


Love - Designer

Mahyar Arab bour bour

Founder & Architect

Profile: We call him Mr. Foxy! He has studied architecture and believes it makes him feel alive.
Education: Master of Architecture, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran
Joined Mahyar:2015 -Founder
Mahyar Projects: All Projects

Camellia Enjir Gholiankordi


Education: Master of building engineering - Politecnico di Torino in Italy
Joined Mahyar:2019
Mahyar Projects: Nebulizer

Maria khachak

Advertising & Marketing

Education: Bachelor of Advertising & Marketing - De Montfort University in Leicester, UK
Joined Mahyar: 2020
Mahyar Projects: Synergy, Steppe, Eat Italian Restaurant