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Music Concept &  Albums

We believe there is music in every bit of the universe and they are all somehow connected like the tracks of a music album. The main components of our projects are inspired by those of music, e.g., main idea, frequencies, waves, instruments, harmony, rhythms, etc. We even sometimes use music track names as the main idea of the project. In some projects, we even use mathematical algorithms in order to turn sound to shapes.  Each track is part of an album, which is in general, representative of our social and mental circumstances. On this page, you can see and listen to the tracks and albums of each project.

Gray Animals

My Friend of Misery 6:53


High Hopes 7:41

Pink Floyd

Marooned  5:25

Pink Floyd

Pigs  11:22

Pink Floyd

Dogs 17:04

Pink Floyd

Coma white

Coma White 4:22

Marilyn Manson

Get Overwhelmed 5:44

Dark Rooms

Lonely World  4:33

Limp Bizkit

Nebulizer 8:02

Nils Petter Molvaer

Forward  0:13

Linkin park

End of Night 3:27



Flaying 9:20


War 3:11

System of a Down

Dejavu 2:30

The Matrix

Mann Gegen Mann 3:51


The Next Menu 6:45

Rob Simonsen


First Cells 1:00

Eric Serra

Another Brick in The Wall  6:00

Pink Floyd

Mad Max Fury Road  120:00

George Miller

Chahar mezrab 4:32

Rahmatolah Badie

Childhood's End

Steppe 3:25

Project The Steppe

My Immortal 4:30


Sheeple 110:00

Hooman Seyedi