Mahyar ArabBourbour 

مهیـــــار عــــــــرب بــوربــور

Founder , Researcher, Professor

EDUCATION:     Ph.D of Architecture  

Professor: Islamic Azad University Central Organization  /  West Tehran


Mahyar Architects started its activity under the supervision of Mahyar Arab in the fields of design, research and execution in Iran in 2015. Mahyar is an Experienced graduate architect with more than 17 years’ experience in working on different types of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial, and HealthCare projects.


We believe in crafting the intelligent edge of design through AI integration.



Discover cutting-edge design solutions and redefine architectural possibilities with our research-driven approach.

Art & NFT

Unlock the limitless world of artistic expression through NFTs, where creativity merges with technology to redefine the future of art and ownership.

Music Concept

مفـــــهوم الـــــموسيقى

As a lover of both music and architecture, I’ve always been fascinated by the way these two art forms converse with each other. They share a foundational language of harmony, rhythm, and repetition, despite one being visual and the other auditory. The concept of designing buildings inspired by music is an endeavor to create spaces that offer more than just aesthetic appeal and functionality; they provide an auditory experience as well. In this artistic fusion, structures can reflect musical melodies and harmonies, morphing into new forms of architectural volumes that resonate with the soul and rhythm of music within our surroundings.