Examining Architectural Algorithms and Their Impact on Contemporary Architectural Works

Mahyar Arab Bour Bour1*, Samaneh Dabbaghchi2
1- PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran, mahyararabbourbour@gmil.com
2- Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran, s.dabbaghchi@gmail.com


This article investigates the extent to which algorithms and quantitative methods affect the structure of contemporary architecture around the world. The research methodology applied in this paper is qualitative and of the descriptive-analytical type, with data collection conducted through library research. The discussion begins with the role of computers and the capability of algorithms in solving complex environmental parameters, raising questions about basic concepts, classification, architectural features, structure, advantages and disadvantages, and ultimately the level of penetration of algorithms. To address these research questions, the paper defines concepts and quantitative methods and the importance of algorithms in simple terms, then moves on to a definition of composite knowledge and advanced geometry. Subsequently, the paper categorizes architectural optimization algorithms into three types: evolutionary (metaheuristic), search, and interactive-combinatorial, and describes examples such as genetic algorithms and generative algorithms. Due to the dependence of algorithms on computers, it also defines the history and introduces software commonly used in architectural algorithms. In the end, by considering the design structure and six distinct characteristics of algorithmic volumes, the paper analyzes the top 100 projects approved by ArchDaily up to the year 2022, revealing that 19% of the projects utilized algorithmic design. This percentage indicates a low penetration of algorithms in contemporary architecture, despite the superiority of the advantages over the disadvantages of algorithmic design, which may be attributed to the difficulty of using software or understanding algorithmic thinking.

Key Words: Architectural Algorithms, Optimization Algorithms, Parametric Architecture, Algorithmic Design, Contemporary Architecture.

بررسی الگوریتم های معماری و میزان تاثیر پذیری آن بر آثار معماری معاصر

مهیار عرب بور بور1*، سمانه دباغچی 2