Explaining and Examining the Concepts, Levels, and Constituent Factors of Sense of Place in Metaverse Environments Considering Meta-Variables

Mahyar Arab Bour Bour1, Shiva Yaghmaeian2
1- PhD Candidate, Department of Architecture, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran, mahyararabbourbour@gmil.com
2- Assistant Professor, Department of Architecture, Karaj Branch, Islamic Azad University, Karaj, Iran, sh_yaghmaei@yahoo.com


Advancements in digital technologies have significantly impacted many aspects of our lives, such that they have led to new concepts in areas like the sense of place. This study aims to investigate the concepts, levels, and constituent factors of the sense of place by conducting a comparative study of the tangible environment and considering nine influential meta-variables in metaverse environments. The research method is qualitative and of the descriptive-analytical type, utilizing library research for data collection. Initially, the research delves into the conceptualization, development, and layers of the metaverse, followed by the classification of the nine sensory-spatial meta-variables, which include: the sense of unique presence, interactivity, transcendence of time, hypermobility, continuity and permanence, artificial intelligence, multisensory immersive media, the internet of thoughts, and quadruple reality. Subsequently, the study examines theories and approaches to the sense of place in light of the perspectives of various theorists in phenomenology and positivism, analyzing the constituent factors in both the cognitive-perceptual and physical dimensions. Finally, the different levels of the sense of place, in the presence of meta-variables, are explored. Consequently, based on comparative analyses, the metaverse, due to sensory meta-variables, not only has a sense of place but also encompasses a sense of belonging to a place and aspects such as memory-making, sacrifice, and attachment.

Key Words: Sense of Place, Levels of Sense of Place, Metaverse, Factors of Sense of Place, Meta-Variables.

تبیین و بررسی  مفاهیم، سطوح و  عوامل تشکیل‌دهنده حس مکان در محیط‌های متاورس با توجه به فرا متغیرها

مهیار عرب بور بور1، شیوا یغمائیان 2